Find Spring & Summer Courses

There are lots of reasons why taking a spring or summer course makes sense:

  • Fast-track your education by completing your degree in less time
  • Pick up a class you missed during the year
  • Get a pre-requisite out of the way
  • Distribute your workload over the full year

Whatever your reason, Nova Scotia has an incredible range of spring and summer courses to choose from. Study on-campus, or take a course online. Browse the options below then find out more about  the requirements and process involved.

Tip: Spring and summer courses are accelerated, and can cover as much material as a typical course in less time. Be prepared for deadlines and assignments to come up fast!

Note: Course offerings for the 2023 spring & summer terms will be updated as the schedules are set by the universities and colleges. Check back for updated information, beginning in January. You can also use this system to browse online courses offered year-round, or to get an idea of what might be offered next year..


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