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About the Atlantic School of Theology

Atlantic School of Theology (AST) is an ecumenical university that provides graduate-level theological education and research. Recognized as one of the finest theological schools in North America, AST has a faculty and programs that encourage excellence in educational achievement and shape community leaders who draw on their theological and ethical knowledge and skills to help build a better world.

AST is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and offers a Master of Divinity degree and, through an affiliation with Saint Mary’s University, a Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Study) degree. Other programs include a 10-credit Graduate Certificate Program in Theological Studies, an Adult Education Certificate in Theological Studies, a Diploma in Youth Ministry, and a Diploma in the New Evangelization – with online and on-campus options.

But more than that, AST is a place for research, study and reflection. A place to explore faith and how to draw on it to enrich the lives of others. A place where leaders of today and tomorrow gain the knowledge and skills to change and influence our world for the better. Welcome to a different kind of university. Welcome to AST. 

Visit the AST website, or use the links below to access specific information on AST's website.

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