Grants, loans and more

You may be eligible for financial help to help pay for your education from the provincial and federal governments. You only need to submit one application to apply for assistance from both.

Canadian and Nova Scotia student loans

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Each student assistance application is different because each student is different. Each situation can vary, even from year to year.  

When evaluating your eligibility for a loan, or the amount you could receive, many factors are taken into consideration, including:

  • Parents’ and/or step-parents’ income
  • RESPs or other investments in the student’s own name
  • Pre-study and study-period earnings
  • Spouse’s income (if any)

The Nova Scotia Student Assistance website has a wealth of information — everything from glossaries and checklists to a simplified online application process.

You can apply for all federal and provincial loans and grants at the same time. Grants do not need to be repaid (grants for students with permanent disabilities may require additional information).

Help for Mature Students

It can be a challenge to balance the cost of post-secondary with family expenses and other commitments. The federal government provides loans and grants to part-time students, even if you are already working. In fact, they have recently increased the income threshold so more people are eligible. Learn more about assistance for part-time studies.

Did you know?

The Nova Scotia Loan Forgiveness Program or Permanent Disability Loan Forgiveness Program can reduce or eliminate the provincial portion of your student loan debt when you graduate.

You could save up to $20k!


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