How can I find out more about universities and colleges outside of Nova Scotia?
This website provides information on Nova Scotia's public post-secondary education providers only. If you are interested in applying to a university or college outside of the province of Nova Scotia, consult the education provider’s website directly or visit your school's student services office.

I might take a year off after secondary school. Can I apply now, and if I get accepted, just ask the university or college to defer my acceptance until next year?
Policies about deferrals vary from university to university. Some universities and colleges allow deferrals, others do not. Some universities may request that you re-apply after your gap year (and pay all the associated application fees again), even though you have a deferral, so that they can ensure that your application and personal information is up-to-date. Contact the university or college directly for more detailed information.

My grades are not as high as they could be, because of special circumstances. Will the universities and colleges consider these circumstances?
Most universities will consider special circumstances when making their offers of admission, but each one deals with them differently. For more information about each university's policies on extenuating/special circumstances, contact your school counsellor for assistance or contact the universities directly.

When the universities and colleges calculate my admission average or scholarship average, which courses do they use?
This varies by school. Some universities use prerequisites in the calculation of averages, while others do not. Contact the institution directly for this information.

Where should I go for help?
Get in touch with your school counsellor. They have experience with the application process and contacts with admissions staff at many institutions, and will be able to help guide you to the resources that you need. If you have specific questions about programs and their admission requirements that are not answered here, contact the universities or college directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

I have a disability. Who should I contact for information about services?
All universities and colleges offer services for individuals with disabilities. Check the institution’s website for an outline of services provided and Disability Services contact information. Contact the admissions office of each university or college to which you've applied or the office responsible for students with disabilities to discuss any accommodations you may need. Do this early in the application process so that your needs can be adequately addressed. You may need to provide supporting documentation. A number of universities also have special residence accommodation for students with physical disabilities, including wheelchair accessible rooms.


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