Aerial view of the Saint Mary's University campus

About Saint Mary's University

Established in 1802, Saint Mary’s is a special community where students come from all corners of the world to discover exciting new possibilities and achieve future success. You’ll feel at home in the heart of Halifax, the largest centre of culture and commerce in Atlantic Canada.

Saint Mary’s is a community that’s personalized enough to offer one-on-one access to professors, yet large enough to provide early access to undergraduate research, paid co-op internships in every faculty, and rich course offerings in arts, environmental studies, commerce, science, and engineering, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees, and pre-professional programs. Saint Mary’s University rewards academic excellence with $8.9 million dedicated to student scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries annually.

With students from over 110 countries, we are one of Canada’s most diverse student populations, with a strong tradition of helping students achieve academic excellence. All academic programs are accredited and recognized internationally to ensure students have worldwide access to employment and graduate studies.

Our community is full of people who believe anything is possible.

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