A white female post-secondary student working on an assignment at the library.

You already made the big (and smart) decision to study in Nova Scotia. You decided what you wanted to study and at which school – but those decisions don’t have to be set in stone.

In this section, you’ll find tools and resources that could help you with decisions for the next few years of your life.  

  • Do you want to use your college diploma towards a university degree? Check out Block Transfer/ 2+2.
  • Is your current program or school not the right fit anymore? MyTransferCredits can help you find course equivalents at other Nova Scotia institutions to transfer the credits you’ve already earned.
  • MyTransferCredits can also help if you want or need to take a course at another school and transfer it back to your current institution.
  • Perhaps you want to complete your program faster, or pick up a course you missed or that’s full at your home school. MySpring&SummerCourses is a consolidated, searchable database of all the spring and summer session courses offered at all Nova Scotia institutions.
  • For Mature Students coming back to school or deciding to pursue a post-secondary education after working for a while, learn about how you might be able to receive credit for prior learning gained from work or other experiences.

Not sure what a term means? Check out the definitions page.

And don’t forget that scholarships and financial aid are not just for first-year students. Find out about eligibility requirements. Check out Paying for Your Education for more information. 


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