A white male student presents his work in front of his class and professors at NSCAD University

About NSCAD University

Tradition meets innovation at NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), the University of choice for emerging creative professionals. Founded in 1887, NSCAD University is an extraordinary art institution where imaginative minds are free to explore, question and create. NSCAD's rich history is complemented by its latest innovations, including the university's Port Campus; a stunning architectural achievement.

NSCAD's undergraduate programs consist of four years of study, leading to professional degrees and a strong foundation in a specific field. Undergraduate students learn to solve problems, communicate visually, and think critically in an environment that fosters individual expression.

Senior students pursue studio research, and can participate in exchanges with art schools in 15 other countries, including Korea and Mexico. NSCAD forges relationships with galleries and museums across the country and around the world, strengthening ties with the cultural community and fostering valuable career prospects for NSCAD graduates.

Visit the NSCAD website, or use the links below to access specific information on NSCAD's website.

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