MyTranscripts is an electronic data exchange system developed and managed by the 11 universities and colleges in Nova Scotia through the Council on Admission and Transfer for Nova Scotia (CATNS). It improves service to Nova Scotia students applying for admission to a university or college in Nova Scotia by sending their academic records faster and more efficiently, which supports a better application and decision-making process.

Nova Scotia Public High School Transcripts

This system replaces the previous process whereby students who applied for admission to a Nova Scotia post-secondary institution had to make sure that their high school or regional education centre provided a paper copy of their transcript to the institution.

There are four main steps for this new electronic exchange process:

  1. Academic records for Nova Scotia public high school students will be collected by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) into a central database housed within the Department.
  2. Nova Scotia high school students who are currently enrolled, or graduated in 2012 or later, will be asked to provide their Nova Scotia Provincial Student Number (PSN) on the application for admission to the Nova Scotia university or college of their choice. Note: If you are unsure of your PSN, please ask for help from your school counsellor or your school board office.
  3. The university or college will create an electronic request for the transcripts of the students that have provided their PSN, and send this request through MyTranscripts to EECD.
  4. EECD will send the requested transcripts to the institution through MyTranscripts. Any updates made to the previously requested transcripts will automatically be sent to the appropriate institutions at regular intervals throughout the application cycle (October – September).

Students who do not want to have their records transmitted electronically may opt out of this process by not including their PSN on their application for admission and requesting a paper copy of their transcript be sent to the institution(s) to which they are applying.

Students who apply to institutions outside Nova Scotia will still be required to request a paper copy of their transcript be sent to their institution(s) of choice.

For more information, please read the MyTranscripts Privacy Policy

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