Deciding on post-secondary education can be both exciting and daunting for you and your student. Here are a few ways to make the process easier. 

  • Check out information sessions: Contact the Registrar’s Office or recruitment team from your students top pick schools to get details on open houses and other information sessions. Book a campus tour with them to get a feel for the institution, and explore their potential new town or city.
  • Talk money: Discuss how much financial involvement your student will expect from you, and how much you can provide, before they begin applying to post-secondary institutions. This decision could have an impact on where they decide to go to school. Once they've decided on a school help them develop a budget - but let them do most of the work. Learning to manage finances is necessary for their post-secondary education and also an important life skill. 
  • Discuss options: Talk with your student about their interests and strengths to see how those could relate to a post-secondary program. Browse program information with them to help them choose a program and encourage them to meet with a recruitment or admissions advisor for more information.
  • Prepare before applying: Most institutions have sections of their websites dedicated to applying. Review the application process with your student, and if they have questions about programs, admission requirements, financial aid or other topics, contact the relevant Admissions Office.
  • Keep track of important dates: Familiarize yourself with important dates and deadlines of your student's chosen school, but again, make sure your student takes the lead on meeting those deadlines.
  • Parent guides: Many institutional websites have parent guides specific to that school that you can download or bookmark.
Thinking ahead to what comes after university or college?

There are lots of resources for your child to get career advice:

  • The Careers Nova Scotia website has quizzes, info on starting a business, resources to help students choose a career, and more. 
  • Careers Atlantic Canada provides information, resources and learning activities that are intended to support youth in understanding the relationship between Skills for Success and a successful entry into the job market. 

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