A bursary is money that is awarded to students to finance their post-secondary education. Bursaries are usually based on financial need, and don’t need to be paid back. They are provided by post-secondary institutions, government programs, and private donors.

Much like scholarships, bursary applications can be due at any time of the year so it’s good to start researching early so you can note the deadlines of any for which you plan to apply.  

Nova Scotia University Student Bursary

Here in Nova Scotia, all residents who attend a NS university receive the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary. Another great reason to stay here to pursue your post-secondary education!

You’re considered a Nova Scotia resident if you attended high school in Nova Scotia immediately before starting university or if you lived in Nova Scotia when you applied for university. If you meet either of these criteria, you will receive the bursary automatically and do not need to apply.

You’ll get the bursary even if you’re receiving other scholarships or bursaries, of if your employer is paying for your tuition. The bursary is applied directly to your university student account. The current amount is $1,283 for full-time students and $641.50 for part-time.  

Each post-secondary institute also offers a bursary program

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