Two female, black students walk through the Acadia University campus in autumn.

About Acadia University

Acadia University is a leading liberal arts institution. It blends tradition with innovation. Balances excellence with a strong community spirit. At Acadia, education is about more than books and studying, it’s about discovering who you are. Determine your own path to success, and Acadia will help you achieve it.

Acadia is a place like nowhere else. Located one hour from Halifax, it is an integral part of the charming small town of Wolfville. Here, you’ll become entrenched in both the vibrant campus and the surrounding community.

You’ll receive a robust and personalized education with a focus on critical thinking. Your experience will be immersive among an international student body. You will find modern research facilities and award-winning faculty who become strong mentors. There are also many study-abroad, co-op and internship opportunities.

Live on campus in great residences and explore many extracurricular and athletic opportunities. Acadia has more than 50 student-run clubs and organizations. Plus, 11 varsity teams and 15 athletic clubs.

Visit the Acadia website, or use the links below to access specific information on Acadia's website.

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