Next Steps in the Process

If you've completed undergraduate or college courses and want to transfer them to another institution

1. Check MyTransferCredits and see which courses you’ve completed may transfer to another institution. 

2. Contact the institution to which you wish to transfer. Each institution has different admission and transfer requirements. 

If you want to take a course at another institution and receive credit for it in your current program

1. Check MyTransferCredits and see if other institutions offer equivalent courses that you can transfer back to your current program. 

2. Get permission to take courses elsewhere. To receive credit for courses taken at another institution you must obtain what is typically known as a Letter of Permission (LOP) from your home institution beforehand. 

3. Register for the course. Once you receive your approved Letter of Permission from your home institution, apply and register for the course at the institution you will be visiting. 

Graduate Students

For Nova Scotia graduate students, the process for transferring schools or courses is different than undergraduate students, and can vary from school to school.

Contact your graduate studies program advisor to start. Your grad advisor will be familiar with the specifics of your program, and can advise you on next steps.

Who to Contact

Acadia University
Atlantic School of Theology
Cape Breton University
Dalhousie University
Mount Saint Vincent University
NSCAD University
Saint Mary's University
St. Francis Xavier University
Université Sainte-Anne
University of King's College

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