A white female post-secondary student working on an assignment at the library.

You already made the big (and smart) decision to study in Nova Scotia, but a lot can change in a few years - maybe your current school isn't the right fit anymore or your timeline has changed.

We’ve created a few tools to make it easier for you to continue to succeed in your academic path even if your plans have changed.

  • If you want to change schools, or take a course at another school and bring it back to your current program, MyTransferCredits lets you find course equivalents at Nova Scotia institutions.
  • Perhaps you want to complete your program faster, or pick up a course you missed. MySpring&SummerCourses can help you find a course and identify if it can be transferred.

And don’t forget that scholarships and financial aid are not just for first-year students. Find out about eligibility requirements.


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